Ran out of drywall 1" short


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Ran out of drywall 1" short

I drywalled my basement ceiling and wouldn't you know it, the room is 20 feet, 1 1/2 inches wide. So after hanging the wall board I still have a gap of about an inch to close. I tried slitting down a strip to fill in but that narrow it just crumbled.

Do you experts have any tricks or advice?
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Keep trying cutting the 1" strip. Score the front and the back of the rock. It should work better for you. If that still doesn't work, mix up some thick quick set mud and fill the void.
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Sounds you would have been better off with 12 ft sheets instead of 10, but too late to worry about that now.

I agree with coops, use your drywall sq or straight edge and score the piece a couple of times both front & back & you'll be able to snap that 1" piece that you need to fill the gap and IMO this is the best way to deal with the gap.

If you do decide to opt for filling the gap with mud, do use the quick set, the premixed stuff, be it all-purpose or lite will most likely crack in that big of a gap. Good luck.

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