Brand New Plaster Job


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Brand New Plaster Job

Can new plaster be touched up?

I had a professional plaster my walls and ceiling of an addition today. For the ceiling, I specified a sanded finish.

Anyway, I'm not terriibly happy with the way the ceiling turned out as it is inconsistent in look. Some areas have swirls, some have pores, some have straight lines (as if you took a broom to wet concrete and brushed in one direction), etc.

So, the question is, can plaster be touched up, say with a thin layer in the affected spots, or is the nature of plaster such that it needs to be a certain thickness in order to hold up over time, so that you can't touch up a specifc area without it protruding further out than the immediate surrounding area?

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Why not have him back to make it like you want it?
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Yes you can touch it up. But like chris says, bring him back to do the job right.
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I think I know why this happened but it doesn't matter. I think to touch it up will not be satisfactory. I think it would be just as fast to refinish the whole thing provided you haven't painted it. The plasterer should do this. It never hurts to try to touch it up first then be prepared to redo the whole lid. If you painted it you bought it.
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I'm having him re-do it as I type. We decided on a smooth finish for the re-coat, however, as that apparently made for a better solution given where we stood. I'm at work now, and by the time I get home it wll be done.

Thanks for the feedback. a follow-up question, as I've never had a smooth-finish ceiling in any room of my homes before, I assume that unlike a new rough finish ceiling, I will need to paint the ceiling (in a few days, once it is cured). In other words, it will be just like the walls: they may be smooth, but without paint on them, they look quite unappealing.

Thanks again.

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