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Question Wall textures

I need to patch up some cracks in my ceiling and a wall. I know I probably need to use joint compound, but how do I create different textures with it? It looks like there is sand mixed in with the compound on the ceiling, but what is the proper mixture, e.i. 1 part sand to 2 parts compound? I also have a texture on the wall that looks raised, maybe the knife was raised in a waving pattern? Is there a site anywhere that talks about these techniques?

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Sand is added to the finish paint to get that finish you're talking about. The other I'm not picturing, but I've been Christmas shopping all day & the brain is a bit blahed right now. Any chance you can post a pic of the wall? You'll have to post it elsewhere & post back with a link, can't post pics here

Also might want to take a look at this link.

Happy holidays!
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wall texture

Yes, the article talked about knockdown texture and I think that is it. While the name of the technique does not seem like a match, the description of how it is done sounds like what I have on the wall.

Is there any rules to adding sand to the paint? For example, can I just use the play sand out back? Just throw it in some paint and brush it on?

Thanks and have a good holiday!!

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