bathroom wall


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bathroom wall

I have a question that is similar to one asked by a previous poster. I'm remodeling a small (about 6x7) bathroom in an attached row house built in 1947. Behind the tile in the bathroom wall is about 3/4 of cement. I'm pulling down the tile and the cement so that I can hang cement board and give myself a new, smooth surface to tile. It is a pain, but I think the result will be better.

My question is related to the wall of the bathroom that I share with our neighbors (remember, it is an attached row house). On that wall, it appears that the 3/4 inch cement backer behind the tile and the plaster on the portion of the wall that isn't tiled is attached directly to the concrete block wall that divides our houses. If I remove this portion of the wall, I will need to figure out a way to hang new greenboard and cement board. Normally, I would fur out the wall to give myself studs to screw into. However, one end of the tub abuts this wall and I am concerned that I won't have room for the furring strips, the cement board, and the tile on the lip of the tub.

Any suggestions for how to afix the green board and cement board to the cement block wall without furring? Also, I haven't figured out how the 3/4 inch of cement was attached to the cement block wall. Any guesses on how this was done?
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Hello and welcome to!! From your description of the age of the home & what not, I don't think you've got any cbu in there. I'd say you've got a real mud tile job in there.

You're describing the room as 6'x7', how big a tub you putting in? Seems like you'd have room to put a wall in there, agreed it's a small rm and losing 4" on one side of the room may not be desirable. One solution might be to lay the studs flat against the block wall & attach them to it, then put in your cbu, and tile away. Biggest problem I could foresee is a bit of plumbing with the supply line if this is also the wet wall.

I highly recommend using cbu under tile for a tub surround, & definitely if this is a tub/shower, greenboard is good for other areas, but really doesn't belong around a tub.

Something else to consider while you're remodeling this bath, install a vent fan if doesn't already have one.

Hope that helps out, keep us posted on your progress.

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