Suspended Ceiling Causing Screw Pops


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Suspended Ceiling Causing Screw Pops

I just started hanging a suspended ceiling in my basement tonight. I noticed that as I was screwing the wall molding into the wall studs a few screws above or below the molding started to pop. This didn't happen often (maybe 1 out of every 15) and the screws didn't pop through the finish but you can see where the screw is. It is just frustrating after spending so many hours trying to make all the screws disappear. Am I driving the screws in too deep? I'm predrilling a pilot hole first, so that should help. I'm using 1 5/8 wood screws, maybe I should be using drywall screws. This is my first time hanging a suspended ceiling so any and all tips would be helpful (I am using 2 X 2 panels), most of the directions I have seen in print are for 2 X 4. Thanks.
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Sounds like whoever installed the drywall didn't get the drywall tight against the studs.... when you shoot a screw it's pulling the wall to the stud causing the existing screws to surface.
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webrebel's right..

does not matter if use wood or drywall.

possibly insulation or staples might be caught up under the sheetrock...the screws holding the moldings across the board apply more pulling force to the sheetrock and hence the screws appear.

do shoot the screws in tight as you are however not so tight the molding buckles or angles up.....

consider it a mixed blessing as the loose sheetrock is showing up now as opposed to down the road when the fillers and paints are put away....

simplest fix is to sink a spinning thin shanked phillips bit (long bit/no extension) into the screw directly through the mud or paint and tighten on a slow speed... run a piece of fine sandpaper lightly over the area, and then patch using a small putty knife...

ps...dont' bother fixing the ones above the will ever see add a few new screws to keep the boards tight....
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In my opinion, unless the drywall is tremendously under nailed or screwed, this situation will happen on just about any wall that has wood studs. The studs on new houses are not perfectly straight and in one out of 15 screws; this will happen. Basically, you are setting the screws too tight. Run the screw up almost home and then tighten with a hand screwdriver and watch the drywall; if you see a screw start to show, stop. . .good enough.

Look at the wall angle from the floor; I bet you can tell where the screws are showing by looking at the straightness of the angle.

Good Luck!


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