Nuggets in my texture


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Nuggets in my texture

Throughout my current remodel work I have done all of my own drywall and texture. Most of the walls have a nice, fine, orange peel texture now, but, except for one, all had noticable "nuggets" in the otherwise normal texture immidiately after spraying. Most of the nuggets come off easily, but it is a real hassle to go through the room after the texture dries and flick them off the all the walls.

I don't know what I causes this, but it really frustrates. As I mentioned I did get one room without the nuggets in my spray. The mix has come from several bags, and many mixings over the course of my work. I have good quality equipment; use a clean bucket; am poring the mix powder slowly into the water: and mixing at a moderate to high speed. Any ideas how to perfect this method for a consistent appearance??

Many thanks!

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One guess is that some dribble builds up around the sprayer nozzel and comes off occasionally. Simply wipe the nozzel from time to time to get rid of the stiff dribble before it sprays onto the wall.
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Comes with the territory. You have to "de burr" the texture after its dry. Do this by scraping it lightly with a knife.

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