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Question Ceiling Drywall

I have a question before I really start breaking stuff... My house was built in the 50's and for some reason passing understanding, the previous owner used grooved cedar paneling on the ceiling. Instead of having the pattern go in the same direction, he alternated the pattern so the ceiling looks like a giant checkerboard. My wife and I considered getting some giant chess pieces and putting velcro on the bottom, but decided against it.

My question is, do I still need to locate the studs in the ceiling, or can I just put drywall screws directly into the paneling? THANKS!!!!
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i think you should find the ceiling joists. no matter how thick the paneling might be it is usually nailed up with finish nails and i wouldn't want to trust those to hold my sheetrock. and when you say paneling and checkerboard i think 1/4" stuff that was nailed and glued to the ceiling. and i wouldn't trust that to hold anything bigger than a post-it note.
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Thanks for the info!!
Do you think I should use a stud fider to determine the spacing and location and do you think I should use glue as well as screws?
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most of the homes i have seen that were built in the 50's here have 1/2" plaster on top of 1/2" sheetrock or plaster and lathe and i would love to find a studfinder that will work on that stuff but i haven't yet. and the paneling covering it won't help either. if that's what you have you'll probably have to drill some test holes to find the 1st ceiling joist. start where the paneling is nailed. if your ceiling is on the 1st floor of a 2 story house you should find joists every 16". if it's a single story they should be every 16" or 24". if you use 5/8" sheetrock you don't need glue.
you need to determine how thick your current ceiling is to find out long your screws need to be. screws should be 3/4" to 1" longer than the thickness of your finished ceiling.
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Find the studs, skip the glue on that lid, more mess than it's worth there, as the glue is only as good as what it's stuck to, IMO, which is worth the price charged I guess.

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