Condensation in My Closet


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Question Condensation in My Closet

Someone please help, My house is about 13 years old....On the one wall (which is an outside wall and faces North) in my bedroom closet has water condensation..why is this happening and how do I fix this.....My clothes are getting wet and ruined...please help...anymore questions just ask if you can help me!!!! Oh I live in Tillsonbugr Ont, Canada and the average tempature is about -12 celius.......
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I wonder where that much moisture originates? Is there a bath, bathroom exhaust, or clothes dryer exhaust adjacent to or beneath this area?

I would suspect a leak in the wall to allow that much cold. It could be open to the attic, basement, or exterior. Especially if the adjacent exterior wall is not so cold and does not exhibit this same problem.

The water condenses due to the cold. I would move the clothes away from the wall.

As a short term solution, you can put an incandescent light, 100 watts, in there and let it run all the time to keep the ambient temperature up.

Another short term solution is to tack up a sheet of foam insulation to keep the clothes away from the wall. Don't do this for long because the moisture is still on the wall beneath the foam board.

The essentials are finding and eliminating the source of the moisture and controlling the cold surface through insulation in the wall.

Hope this helps.

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