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Question Ceiling Discolor

This may or may not belong here in the forum but I am not sure where else to put it. Here is my concern and or questions. My home is about 30 years old. A single story ranch. My living room has cathedral ceilings, however they do not meet the roof of the house. In other words there is a space between the ceiling of my living room and the roof of the house. My concern is there are discolorations near on the ceiling close to where it meets the walls. The discolorations look like greyish shadows. The ceiling color is white and the finish of the ceiling is the "popcorn" texture or one might say bubble texture. Not sure what they call this type of ceiling finish. I have touched the areas and they don't appear wet as I thought it may be a moisture problem with mold creeping through the sheet rock or drywall. Could this still be a moisture problem? There are no water stains but there is that greyish shadow. The shadow is largest where the wall and ceiling meets then tapers in. Almost like the letter A. I have this condition in 2 or 3 places on opposites sides of the room. Any ideas out there what it is and how to fix??
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Roof is properly vented & in good condition? Don't suppose there's any access at all to the attic above the vaulted ceiling?

As long as the drywall is sound, not in anyway wet or damp, most likely this is nothing a fresh coat of paint won't cure.

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