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Question wall texture

Want to apply texture to kitchen walls. What texture type will make the walls easier to clean, something not too rough? I thought knockdown would be good. I bought smooth textured paint which i will apply with a looped roller. The instructions on the paint show a small (3 or 4 inch) drywall knife to knockdown randomly. Can't knockdown be done with a 12 inch knife or even larger? At what angle to the wall is the knife held. How much pressure? The instructions aren't real clear. They say randomly, but can't the entire wall be knocked down, so there are more smooth areas than rough. Can someone tell me the exact way to do this.
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Hi MaryAnn,

I'm sure the the 'experts' on this forum will be very helpful to you. I'm not one of those experts, so I'll just offer my two-cents and you can do with it as you please.

I posted a similar question a month ago. I have done some research by typing in 'skip trowel' in my favorite search engine. I'm looking for a rustic wall texture, so, I typed in 'rustic wall texture' for another search as well. You might get some info by going to:



I've been helped here many times over. I hope that I can be a help in return.
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when you do any knockdown type texture you have to let it set up a little before you knock it down. This time depends on temp., humitidy, what material you are covering, etc... I would knock it down with a ten inch knife and hold it almost flat to the wall. Apply light pressure. Do some test spots first to get the hang of it.

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