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Installing Beadboard over plaster walls

Installing Beadboard over plaster walls


Old 02-10-04, 07:59 AM
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Installing Beadboard over plaster walls

I removed wall tile, and now am left with plaster walls with adhesive. I want to install Beadboard panels/Wainscoting over the area that was tiled, and am wondering how to go about this.

I thought I could screw furring strips into the wall studs, and then nail the beadboard to the furring strips. Yes/No? Someone mentioned gluing the beadboard directly to wall, and I didn't think that was such a good idea. Plus, the adhesive is high in some areas, and I don't want to sand anything down for fear of asbestos. I guess, I could add a bead of glue/adhesive to the beadboard and furring strips, but still nail it. Yes/No?

I also would like to have a small ledge (3-4 inches) as my cap, above the beadboard. Are there special supports that can be mounted behind the beadboard? I thought maybe I could screw the cap into the furring strips, but I'm not sure this will give enough support. I don't plan on placing anything heavy on it,but I want it to be supported ...in case one of my kids decides to hang on it! Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!
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Old 02-10-04, 02:40 PM
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Hi! i just LOVE beadboard! we had it in a couple rooms in our first old house - nothing could be more charming. and, although i'm sure these paperhangers probably know the answer to your question, i got here first & i'm moving it to the Walls & Ceilings forum, where the "struction guys" (as my 5-year-old would say) can help you out!

thanks for your question & good luck!
Old 02-13-04, 09:38 PM
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Hi Kim,

Sorry I missed the hand-off from Annette, other than the kids hanging on the top of it, your idea with the 1"x furring would work out fine, may have to get a bit creative with trim in some places, like maybe use a 2 or 3 piece build up effect with the trim, but it would be plenty of support. Run your furring across the wall studs & secure it with screws. With the furring firmly secured, you can use liquid nails to laminate the panels to the furring strips.

Other option would be to just use a chisel or stiff putty knife & scrape off the high spots of the old adhesive & then use a very liberal amount of liquid nails & laminate directly to the plaster wall. Or you could float a skim coat of drywall joint compound over the wall to give a smooth surface, allow it to fully dry & then put up your beadboard.

If you decide to omit the furring and go with either of the last 2 suggestions, I'd run a 2"x2" along the top of the bead board, ideally you'd want to notch it for the beadboard thickness, (say1/4") so it sits nice & flush with the wall & the beadboard below it. Attach it with long enough finish nails to ensure they're hitting the studs. It'd be a good idea to prefinish this piece to match your shelf prior to installing it. Then anchor your shelf to the 2"x, for that I use screw, counter sunk & then fill the noticable holes with wood putty. This would give you a very secure shelf that will hold up to the kids until they're old enough not to use it for a monkey bar.

Hopefully that's understandable, if not post back & I'll try to clarify. Bedtime now.

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