mud over metal corner beads (or not)?


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mud over metal corner beads (or not)?

The drywall contractor claims he is finished with his work but I see the metal at all outside corners. I tought (and another contractor confirmed) that these should be covered with mud. The drywall contractor says they should be no mud on them and they should be painted over. Which is true?

Also, I specified "level 5" smooth finish. Should any part of the sheetrock be visible or should I only see mud snaded smooth?

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If you are talking of the most outer edge of the corners they stay clean, this helps them from chipping easily. Just paint over the metal. In fact II would bet the contractor scraped any excess mud from the corners. As for the sheet rock (drywall) you only find mud at the joints and inside corners and nail/screw holes. I would apply my primer and look for any imperfections, should you find any have the contractor repair them Hope this helps, and good luck...
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Just the very corner of the bead is kept clean as mentioned before, and for the reasons before. If you are talking about the entire corner bead, no this needs to be coated.
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Hello & welcome aboard!

As the other two replies have suggested, only the very corner should show, to prevent chipping on the corners.

If you're contract specified a level 5 finish, no there should not be any exposed face paper.

In a level 5, all the seams & joints are taped, flat seams & joints receive 2 coats of joint compound after taping, One additional coat over interior angles, fastener heads & accessories get 3 coats of compound. At that point a thin skim coat is applied over the entire surface.

That is per USG's Construction Handbook, I believe it covered in like chapter 4 or 5. The complete text can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat on-line. Here's a link to that.USG Const. Handbook
HTH & Good luck!

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