removing wall paper from dry wall


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removing wall paper from dry wall

I am redecorating and need to remove wall paper from dry wall. The wall paper was put directly onto the drywall without a coat of paint or primer. How do I get it off without tearing up the drywall?
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Their are going to be many suggestions about how to fix your problem. But bottom line, rip it out. paper, drywall everything. I know this is going to be more costly but in my opinion, better to spend the money than to spend your sanity.
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Boardslinger is right, this job will test your boiling point. If you can I would hire a wallpaper stripper to do it. But if you want to tackle it yourself, buy some chemical stripper. How it works is, you put it on the wall and it loosens the glue. If your walls weren't prepped correctly it won't come off without the face paper of the drywall and you will have to repair it. Good luck
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I agree as well, I will not strip wallpaper, period! Either the whole wall comes down & it gets rehung & finished or we overlay the existing stuff with fresh board & finish.
Even if you do ever get all the wallpaper off, which is doubtful, you're still end up skimming the entire wall to make it look presentable. I have a hard time settling for just presentable.
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we did just take vinyl paper off one of our bedrooms... rented a steamer $25 for 24 hrs (not bad) but had to go over the walls twice. Once to get the face of the paper off, and then a second time to scrape the remaining paper and glue. Primed with an oil based primer (as to not reactivate any of the glue we couldn't get off).
Turned out pretty good. However, I do think there was existing primer underneath. There were spots where the drywall was getting wet and would pull off with the paper. So if no primer, stripping might really get tricky.

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