Drywall cracking


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Drywall cracking

Plywood shims are used as spacers between the girders and the piers. Several of these shims have compressed and others shims may compress over time causing the interior drywall to crack and settling of the floor, doors, and etc.

What can I do to repair? What does this mean? A inspector told me this.
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I have no idea what that means. What is your problem exactly. Be a specific as possible.
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Sounds like maybe he just got the framing or maybe the insulation inspection?
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Is he talking about piers (4x4 posts?) in a crawl-space? Maybe they were shimmed to level them? Maybe the inspector wants the plywood shims replaced with metal? Or the posts replaced with ones cut to fit properly?
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If all you're wanting to do is prevent more cracking this may help. In the areas that have cracks in them you could cut out slots in the drywall and install expansion slots. These will give as needed when the framing shifts/settles. Depending on the location of these cracks you could also put in maybe 1/2" reveals if you need stress relief along entire walls/ceilings. Both of these items can be used to make awesome looking highlights. And are readily available at any commercial building supply. But be warned,,,, installing these isn't a walk in the park if you want it to look good. Do not attempt this if you aren't good at applying mud. Good Luck!
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Oh, I forgot. If the house wasn't hung properly like many, you may just have to keep some joint compuond and touch-up paint around! Places like around door jambs, windows, and any of the drywall joints will probally be your problem area's. Good Luck!

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