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Question plaster ceilings

Hello, my first visit to this forum. sorry if this information was previously posted but i couldn't seem to find it if it was. I live in older style home with plaster/batter (?) board ceilings. last fall, the roof leaked and allowed water to damage the ceiling in an approximately 12'x12' room. the plaster "loosened" up and sagged approximately 1/2 to 3/4" over a large area. I figure that I will have to take all the plaster down and reinstall new plaster. Is there anywhere that I can find information that will guide me through installing a plaster ceiling??? I do have previous experience at hanging and finishing sheetrock.
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My advice to you would be to remove the ceiling and hang and finish new drywall in its place.
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I agree with Coops, new drywall is what I'd use, but I would ask first what's above the P&L ceiling? If there's loose insulation, that's a headache & a mess.

Actually, for alot of folks, it's better in the long run to hire this one out. You'd shouldn't be looking at more than $200-$300 to have it hung & finished, ready for paint, that's labor & material. JMO for what it's worth.
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plaster ceiling

thanks for the advice.

the ceiling does hold blown-in insulation. By all appearances from the attic view of the boards the plaster is attached to, they are "rough" lumber of varying widths and thicknesses. to install sheet rock, i'd imagine that i'd have to install some type of runners with shims to even out the ceiling (ferring strips or 2x4's) an make it look right. Even with sheet rock, i'd have to texture the ceiling to make it resemble the current look and match the ceilings in the other rooms.

as far as finding a reliable contractor to take on such a "small" job in my area, it would be next to impossible. i'd have the job done in the time it takes to call and find someone who'd even come out and give me an estimate. I'd imagine the cost in our area might be more than you're guestimating as well. that's just the way our market is right now.

I was just hoping that there was a resource on-line that might describe the process for installing a plaster ceiling so i could weigh the difference between installing plaster verses sheet rock.

thanks again
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Any kind of plaster ceiling is going to cost you 10 times more than a drywall one.
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I think coops speaks in hyperbole. There are places that sell plaster washers made for tightening loose plaster back to the lath and joists. I could also talk you through the plastering process but I don't want to type that much. Maybe you are best off with new drywall. if your joists will handle the weight you can rock right over the existing plaster. Find the joists, snap lines from end to end and use screws long enough to go through the new drywall, the plaster, the lath and into the joists. Then tape, finish texture and admire the new lid. I think that if you have wood lath and plaster that you can put some screws into the plaster, draw it up and then rock right over it and not have a bulge in the new ceiling.
Now if you are dead set on plastering you will have to remove only what is loose and renail, or better, screw the lath back to the joists and then brown with gypsum plaster and finish with something like Diamond by USG or Kal-Kote by Gold Bond. When I have more time and my fingers are working better I can tell you step by step how to do that. It isn't so technical but it takes some stamina.

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