Corner bead coming off drywall


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Corner bead coming off drywall

Question for all you drywall gurooos. I have a corner bead that is starting to seperate from the wall. This is the second time this has happend, i added joint compound to fixed the first time. But year later now it's coming apart again. I was going to buy a wood style corner bead, just stain it and nail be done with it. Would that help solve my issue? Or does anybody have a better idea before I put the sleg hammer to the wall.

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Your idea for the wood corner would probably quickly & rather cheaply solve your problem. You can also get it pre-finished, they're not made of real wood, but are fairly durable.

I'm guessing this was a paper-faced bead that the original installer failed to get properly bonded to the drywall with mud. If it's a metal corner bead & it's been taped over, the tape shouldn't even be there, so again it wasn't properly done to start with.

My $.02, if you've just got this one corner in the house that's bad, go with the corner trim, even if you buy real wood & stain it, you'll still be done in time for an afternoon nap. Good luck!
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It's a metal corner bead, prob. done with peanut butter instead of joint compound no paper as I can see. But the corner wood finish is the best answer for me. Thanks for getting back so fast. Eat pasta, drink alot of wine, eat italian bread with butter, meatballs and sausage, privolone cheese and salad. In the end you will have lots and lots of............................................. GAS

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You need to re fasten the cracked area then tape it then re mud it.
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I come across these all the time. A metal corner bead pops up as the house settled. Try to drive a screw in it and it pops up a couple inches away. I always end up using tin snips to take the 'buckle' out of it then mud. Is there an easier way?

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