Outside Corners - 3/4" T&G Paneling


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Question Outside Corners - 3/4" T&G Paneling

I put 3/4" Tongue & Groove wood paneling in my family room and of course I thought it would be simple to finish it off with some purchased outer corners. Well, it appears as though no one has outer corners wide enough to cover the butt joints and the lumber yards around here obviously have little time for someone who does not know what to do next! One guy said, "just nail two pieces together!" (thanks - I have no idea what that means) and another guy said "people usually use 1 bys for the corners" - again - thanks, I have no idea what you are saying!!! Anyone ever finish T&G siding with outside corners and can you explain in english how these outer corners are usually finished? Thanks in advance!!! Tom
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The method both employees suggested is fabricating corners yourself using 1* wood or the T&G stock..

1*s is a generilized term meaning 3/4" thick wood with the width and length unstated since the two measurements are usually determined from the requirements of the project or from personal choice..For covering the corners on T&G. 1*3's which have a real dimensional measurment of 3/4 * 2.5 will provide adequate coverage and add some detail (character)

or nail (connect) two T&G boards together to form an outside corner. I suggest ripping them (cutting the width) to a width approx 2.5" on a table saw...By fabrication the corners with T&G, the finished (stained or sealed) boards will blend (match) with the wall.

the link will take you to a photo gallery of a t & G supplier..Take a close look at the corners of the sales desk and you'll see an example of a 1* finish...

Keep in mind that one edge of the 1* is going to overlap and be seen on the side of the wall along with the full face of the butting board...It looks better to me if the butted board's face width measurement is decreased by 3/4 inches..
This way both sides of the outside corner from the corner point will have the same width meaurement....(nail a 3/4 * 2.5" board to a 3/4" * 1.75" board.

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