Suspended Ceiling


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Suspended Ceiling

Im looking for a ceiling to install in my basement...I dont have a great amount of height to begin with so I would like to preserve what's there. Is there a type of zero clearance ceiling that I could install. I heard someone talk of a ceiling tile that tilts downward in case you need to access the space above it. any info on this.


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Why not look at page 19 of this PDF - flat ceiling Drywall suspension tracks?

This get's it up close and you can drywall, paint. It's fast and easy! It takes less room than 2x framing.

Main Track is approx $4.20 for a 12 ft pc.
4 ft tees are $1.45 each.
Wire hangers (don't know price)

Figure out your room based upon what you need and you'll find this a very inexpensive way to go. Works great around duct work. Don't forget about the wire to hang all this!

This can be done by a novice and if you rent a laser level, this will make installation easy and fast.

I use these allot in basements with low headroom or even those with high ceilings to get around all the things that get in your way. Makes for a clean look - hang drywall and tape - Done! Faster than all the wood framing and costs are far cheaper in both labor and material. By the way, you make tray ceilings from these just by using self tapping metal screws. Works great!

Also, this is not a HD item, contact a local drywall supplier or a good lumber yard. This is USG Drywall Grid System when you ask if they carry it.

Access panels are availabe at HD and others which come in various sizes. Consider looking at these links.

Ceiling access panels, (plastic ones work great and are paintable!)

Hope this helps!
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You could run hat chanel acroos the floor joists in and hang drywall to that the hat channewl is only 7/8" and the depending on what rock size you use another 1/2" or 5/8" to that for a maximum of only 1 1/2".
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Thanks guys, I will give a looksee at the links..I appreciate the feedback..


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