Wierd Substance in Bathroom


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Wierd Substance in Bathroom

Can anyone help? I have a 10 year old house I purchased last year. Recently, in the upstairs master bathroom (comode room) there has been a strange substance on the floor. The flooring is ceramic tile with grout. The walls are standard dry wall with paint and wall paper. On the floor, in the crevice where the shoe molding meets the tile, there is now a line of a reddish-brown substance. It seems to be "seeping" out toward the center of the room. It is jelly-like and pliable. I cleaned it up when I first noticed it, but it has come back. WHAT IS IT? How do I make it go away? Shortly before we noticed it for the first time, my wife cleaned the floor in that room with quite a bit of bleach-water. Did that break some sort of seal or something? PLEASE HELP!! Thanks
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Thats a new one to me. Sorry I don't have an answer for you but I didn't want you to think no one was here. Sounds like some sort of fungus. The bleach should have cleared it up. Let's see if anyone else knows?
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Could there be a water leak?

"On the floor, in the crevice where the shoe molding meets the tile, there is now a line of a reddish-brown substance."

This sounds like rust! I wonder if there is some type of water leak behind this area causing something to rust.
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answered -- thanks for the help!

I had an inspector come out last night. Apparently the comode is leaking at the wax seal, slowly, and water from that leak is going under the tile over the the wall/baseboard area. Somehow the water flow is taking some sealant with it from the toilet and that is what is coming out of the wall. Strange. The good news is we found the problem before it got out of hand. Now I will just need to remove some of the affected drywall, replace it, and then re-paper the wall and replace the shoe mold and baseboard. Doesn't sound too bad -- but I'll be running right back here if I have any problems! Thanks for the help and being a great resource.

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