Drywall Tape Questions


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Drywall Tape Questions

I am in the process of finishing my basement and have installed the drywall. Nearly all of my joints are vertical tapered-edge joints. I know that installing the d/w horizontally produces fewer seams, however, I don't want to have to finish any butt-end joints, since t/e joints seem easier to get level and smooth.

Anyway, I went to Home Depot with the intention to buy fiberglass mesh tape for the seams and paper tape for the inside corners. When I read the package of mesh tape, it clearly stated that they highly recommend the use of the setting-type of joint compound. Since I was planning on using (and had already purchased) the all-purpose type of j/c, I scrapped the mesh tape idea. I then saw a type of paper tape that was perforated all over, and had an adhesive backing. With the exception of the hassle of having to peel off the backing, it seemed like a good solution; it would stick to the seam without having to spread a layer of mud on first, and it is not fiberglass mesh, so all purpose j/c should be ok.

Does anyone have experience with this kind if tape? Any problems or comments?

Also, for the inside corners, I bought some paper tape with narrow strips of metal on either side of the center line. It's supposed to be used on inside and outside corners. I plan to use corner bead for the outside corners, though.

Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? Any problems or comments?

Thanks for the help.
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The reason it says to use setting type mud for mesh tape is because the glue they use isn't sufficient to hold it down. You have to bed the mesh in the mud, can't just stick it on the wall. Same thing with the paper with the holes in it. You can bed the mesh with the light weight. I don't think you will have a problem. Or you can buy a banjo (taping machine) and regular paper tape. Take back the flex bead(paper tape with metal) and get either nail on corner bead or tape on corner bead. Remember to pre fill any gaps you have with mud and let dry before you tape.

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