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Water Damage... re-drywalling a ceiling

Water Damage... re-drywalling a ceiling


Old 07-08-04, 11:22 AM
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Water Damage... re-drywalling a ceiling

Hi everyone,

Well, about 1/2 of my kitchen ceiling is damaged (drain from the upstairs shower rotted away and leaked into the ceiling). It looks to me like my kitchen is 2 sheets of drywall across and 3 sheets long... 6 total, if that makes sense. I need to remove 3 whole sheets, leaving the other 3 which butt up against the damaged ones. My question is, how to I handle the seams, especially the corner seams where the ceiling meets the wall? I suppose I will have to rip up and re-tape the seam where the 3 sheets of drywall meet the other 3 sheets? How do I re-seam the corners though?

Here's a photo, if that helps at all. The damage ends about at the end of the light fixture. The seam to the first 3 pieces of drywall is about at the other end of the fixture. Ceiling Damage

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying not to stress out about this too much,but right now my kitchen looks HORRIBLE! We're hoping to prep the ceiling (remove all the damaged pieces, etc) and then rent a drywall lift to re-do the ceiling this weekend. As you can see from the photo (maybe) I have not removed all of the damaged drywall yet. Any advice in that department?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer

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Old 07-08-04, 12:21 PM
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Looks to me like you could just square off the hole you have and hang 1/2 a sheet in its place.
Old 07-09-04, 06:38 AM
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Do you think it's okay to do that, even though the drywall was SOAKED through?? Don't I have to be concerned about mold growing? Or the drywall being weakened?
Old 07-14-04, 06:25 AM
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I think what he means (and also what I was kinda thinking) is cut to something good(dry) and hang whatever you have to....but it looks like you can leave all the wall/ceiling corners (which if you haven't done are a pain in the....well anyway )...Coops correct me if that wasn't your thought but I think thats what I would do.

OHHHH...if you DO end up doing that...I would cut off the valley of the drywall (unless of course you come the the edge of the original and can get all the old drywall compound off)...valley-to-nonvalley seems are also a pain in the.....uh huh....even if you have to use 2 partial sheets and end up with an extra seam...I would do it...but thats me.

Anything else we can do feel free to ask
Old 07-19-04, 08:46 AM
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Thank you so much for your advice. I hate walking into my kitchen and seeing that gaping hole, so the sooner I tackle this problem, the better

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