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Bottom of entrance door rubbing ground?

Bottom of entrance door rubbing ground?


Old 07-12-04, 05:30 AM
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Bottom of entrance door rubbing ground?

A few months ago I had to cut the insulation off the bottom of my screen door because it was rubbing the concrete porch as I opened it. Now my front entrance door is rubbing the ground under the doorknob as I open it. I am afraid soon we wont be able to close our front entrance door. The door does not seem to be rubbing under the hinges, just under the doorknob side. I am concerned that 1.) our house is sinking or 2.) our concrete front porch is buckling?

We live in a small ranch that is about 40 years old and on a hill. The hill slopes downward from the left of our house to the right. Parallel with the front of the house, and the door.

What can I do?
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Old 07-12-04, 06:29 AM
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Your problem could be either (or both) and you need to find out pretty quickly. If it's only been "a few months" since your last "fix", whatever is happening is happening pretty quickly and should be looked into.

Does the door bind in one of the top corners? Are the door jambs square and plumb? If the door isn't binding and if the jambs are reasonably square and plumb, the problem is probably with the porch. Otherwise, it's probably the house.

Good luck and please post back.
Old 07-12-04, 06:31 AM
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I have seen doors not close in the summer and have an inch gap in the winter. Probably a heat swelling situation. But like dave said check to see if your door is square and plumb first. A lot of times you can screw a 3 inch screw into the top hinge and suck it back a little. Take out one of the small hinge screws and replace it with a long one.
Old 07-12-04, 11:18 AM
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I've seen seasonal changes too, but never anything like an inch variation (of course, we don't get a lot of humidity here). Also, when you "tweak" things they usually stay "tweaked". If they get worse, the problem hasn't really been fixed.

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