Sound Dampening panels


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Sound Dampening panels

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about building "Sound Dampening panels" I found some on the internet Pricey$$$ I am sure I am handy enough to build them. They will have to be pleasing to the eye. These are for my wifes dance school.

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I dunno about sound dampening PANELS really.....have seen a way to make sound proof (or mostly anyway) build the wall ALMOST like nomal but with every other stud attached to the opposite plate(top/bottom)...then space them just enough so that any given stud doesnt touch both sheets of drywall, may take some creative attaching at the top and bottom for the "floating" ends of the studs, but they claim it works. I think I would add some insulation in there too...but it may not be necessary.

just a thought...let me know how it turns out....or if needed i can try to think of more was a while back i saw that on....discovery or something
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one other thing if you can provide the link to where you saw them that may help me/us get an idea of what ur wanting exactly

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