drywall angles


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drywall angles

I am currently in the process of mudding a small room that has some angles that are going to be hard to fill. First off i have a wall angle that is approx 130 degrees and there is about a 3/4" gap where the one wall is out from teh other one. i should have probably run the flat wall drywall out a little bit more to cover the gap. Now i have this huge gap to cover and yet keep a nice straight edge. What is the best solution? Fill with mud and then tape? or use a premade paper trimmed metal edge?
Also I have an area under a stairwell I am mudding but where the bottom of the stairwell is meeting the vertical wall the angle is very small. how do i mud that? Just build it out so i have a flat spot to mud with a 90 angle and a smaller angle? Suggestions?
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Sorry to say but that area where you have the 3/4" gap is going to have to either be rehung so the sheets meet up much closer than that or else you can cut a thin strip of drywall & screw it into the gap then flat tape over it, allow to dry, sand lightly, & then tape your corner.

The spot under the stairwell, you'll propably have to just use a small drywall blade and build it up in thin layers & just do the best you can with it.

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