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Framing Interior walls in Basement around HVAC Duct work

Framing Interior walls in Basement around HVAC Duct work


Old 08-17-04, 10:07 AM
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Framing Interior walls in Basement around HVAC Duct work

I am currently planning to add walls in my basement, but will have to plan my walls around or in between the duct work in the basement...my house is just over 2 years old, and the HVAC installer only allowed 3" between the two ducts, not enough for a 2 x 4 cap and top plate, for the one wall running parrallel to the duct. Additionally at some point I will have to run perpendicular to the ducts and put a wall under the ductwork. My question is two fold:
1) For the wall running parallel , Can I simply rip a 2 x 4 down to 3" to secure the cap and top plate for my wall and then "notch" the corresponding studs to build the wall in between? OR will I have to bring my wall out another 18" past the duct? and then build the duct work on the inside of my wall?

2) For the perpendicular wall, How do I attach the wall running under the same ductwork as previous to the ceiling? IF I hammer drill and secure my soleplate to the basement floor is this a better option, and will I then not have to attach my wall to the ceiling?

**Neither wall will be load bearing, I live in a twin home, my entire basement is rougly 16' x 40', with a walkout patio, if this helps.

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Old 08-17-04, 11:05 AM
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1. I see no reason you couldn't rip and notch to make it fit for a non-loadbearing wall. It's only a 1/2".

2. How wide are the ducts, together (assuming both are in the way of wall #2)? You may be able to attach to floor all over, ceiling where possible and the walls on both sides and be OK, if you have room to attach at least PART of the wall to the ceiling. Make the last 2 or 3 or however many studs 3" shorter than the bottom of the ducts and frame like normal, you'll just end up with an "L" shaped wall, with just a little hole missing for the ductwork to go through.

It may be easier to remove ducts, build the wall square and attach firmly, then reinstall ducts through the wall. However if you'll have to have the HVAC guy come back for that, it wouldn't be very cost effective.
Old 08-17-04, 11:48 AM
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Thanks! I'll give ripping it a try!

As far as the #2 perpendicular wall, the two ducts run side by side and are approx. 18" a piece, and with the 3" in between, we end up with approx. 39" of duct through the new wall...Given the cost issue you raise, I think I may try going underneath and attaching wherever possible, floor or ceiling, and I have about 2" after the duct work before hitting the foundation wall where I will be securing the new wall.

Thanks for the help!
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Since you already have a house it seems that all the loadbearing walls have been built. I don't know what you plan on finishing the walls with But if itwas me I would seriously look into metal studs. If all you want to do is hang sheetrock I would not even use 2/4's seems overkill to me unless for insulation, still possible with metal studs. As far as the baseplates go = liquid nails. I really hate to put holes in the floor. I am sure I missed something in the original post so forgive if this does not apply. Pretty tired. Yawn

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