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Question Popcorn pealing

I have just noticed that the popcorn ceiling in our home is chipping off in large chunks. Along with everything else in the home I am sure it was improperly installed. The areas that are exposed are just the wood. What is the best way to completely take down all of the popcorn? I'm not a big fan of textured walls or ceilings, so I am kind of glad it is peeling. But once the popcorn is down, what are the steps to make the ceiling look nice.

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Caution should be taken.
There may be asbestos in the material.
Use a respirator.
Bag the room, 1 or 2mil plastic an floor and walls, in that order. Using a garden sprayer, dampen the material and remove by scraping with a broad knife of your choice.
What you end up with, will dictate what you do next.
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How do they get rid of the stuff that comes off the ceiling. You can't put it in the garbage if it has asbestos. It may be worth your while to find out when it was put up or if it contains asbestos. After a certain time the likelyhood of it containing asbestos is minimal and removing it as if it contained asbestos is unnecessary. If it does have asbestos they are in trouble since it is already peeling and more than likely in the air. A homeowner trying to remove material that has asbestos is not safe for me or them. Trying to do it with some plastic and a mask is unsafe if it contains asbestos. Find out if you have it there may be other options like repairing what you have and sealing it. I am not an expert in this, but I do know that asbestosis is a drag
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Make sure you have the material tested for attempting to remove it. DIY has a "Asbestos Test Kit" is available here:


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