hurricane damage help please


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hurricane damage help please

I need some advise.
We were hit with the huricane in flordia, now we seem to have yellowing and saging and cracking and bowing of the drywall in all ceiling and some walls. I guess I should tell you we lost most of our roof durning the storm. We had water pouring out of the ceiling fixtures and wall plugs. The insurance adjuster says just paint this drywall and let it go , I say mold is forming as there is a nasty smell. Also the celings are all popcorned and deterioting. I have been told once drywall has gotten that wet it will only worsen. But I can not get some one out here to inspect or give me their opinion. Is there a site that I can print out to prove my point to the adjuster? HELPP!!! By the way if there is any contractors out there near or in the Orlando Flordia area I NEED ESITMATES!!!! Thanks so much.
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With all the water that had to have gotten on the sheetrock, there is no way you can just paint it and go on. Especially since its warped. Drywall can dry out pretty well if it gets damp but a hurricane...come on. I would say you have to remove and replace. Sounds like your insurance company is trying to pull a fast one.
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Yes They are. This insurance company is a bit nuts to say the least. Our sons front door is so bad it takes two people to shut it. and I checked it is so far out of square it isnt funny. The insurance adjusters answer is to shave it off to fit and that we may have a few gaps but it will be ok. (rolling eyes) I dont think so!!
Thanks for your help
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I am in complete agreement with Coops here, the sheetrock would have to be replaced. I lived in NW Fla 20 yrs ago & lived thru a hurricane myself. Same story back then with my ins. company, Nationwide was the name of the co. I was with at the time. Things went on for like 6-8 months & I couldn't get them to act right, finally sicked FEMA and the Fla Atty General's office on them, within a relatively short time they became sooo much nicer to do business with. Don't know how things are down in the "sunshine" state now, but odds are you're going to have to play hardball with your insurance adjustor to get your place put back in rightful order, same goes with your son and his front door. Don't sign anything they put in front of you unless you read & understand it fully, or better yet let a lawyer look it over, ins companies are some of the biggest crooks in the world IMO, always ready to cancel your policy the first time you're even a day late with a payment, but when it's time for them to pay-off a claim, it's like pullin teeth.

Best of luck with your storm ravaged house, hope things work out for you. I have traveled some for work, but Fla is a bit outa my range.
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small stains on "popcorn"ceiling

We, too, were in the hurricane, but much luckier than most. We only have 3 small circles about 3 " around on our popcorn ceiling. 2 of them are lightly discolored and the other is quite dark yellow. I really hate to consider having to paint the entire ceiling----its right in the middle of the room which is quite large. I was wondering if I could carefully bleach the stain. I haven't done anything as of yet because there is another hurricane coming our way. I know I could use Kilz, but then I would have to paint everything. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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