rookie ?: Kilz vs. PVA primer


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rookie ?: Kilz vs. PVA primer

hi all,

probably a very dumb question, but what is the difference between Kilz and what i often see recommended on the forums as PVA primer? The Kilz can says it's a "sealer and primer"

So i take it they aren't interchangeable, as i thought. When do you use one and not the other?


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PVA primer is used exclusively for covering newly finished drywall prior to first painting.

Kilz, in it's various forms, is largely a stain-killing primer used on already painted but stain damaged surfaces.
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Homebuild hit that pretty much right on the head, there are a couple of things I would add to that.

First is that PVA Primer is also a fast drying primer which is needed on newly hung & taped sheetrock to deal with the differing absorbtion rates you have on the surface. If you primer takes too long to dry you will end up with what is called joint photography, IOW the areas of the surface where the mud has been applied will absorb less of the primer than the exposed face paper.

The other thing is that in addition to its stain blocking properties, Kilz also contain a mold inhibitor, which mold is usually present in some form in areas where a stain has formed typically on a ceiling, from a water leak of some kind.

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