Big, Giant Mess of a Wall


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Big, Giant Mess of a Wall

Ok - I managed to get the soffits out of my badly installed kitchen.
So now I have a wall with big patches that came out with the cabinets, no drywall AT ALL where the soffits were (apparently they just didn't feel like putting it in ) and patches of bright red-orange paint where the cabinets weren't at.

At this point, am I better off just ripping out the rest of the drywall and hanging new, or putting drywall in where it is missing, sanding the walls down even with the new, and painting?

I should add that this particular wall extends out into my dining room which is open to the kitchen - and that there is another, identical wall with similar problems - I really wanted to hurt the people who installed my cabinets - why on earth did they GLUE THEM TO THE BARE DRYWALL!!!???!!!
I spent about 2 days finding all the screws, chipping out the layers of paint on them, and carefully getting them out only to rip out fist size chunks of drywall. Grrrrr

Either way, what should I watch out for? I'm fairly handy but have limited experience with anything beyond surface repairs - small patches, spackling, etc.
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Seems to me that there is a lot of patching and so removing and putting up new drywall will probably save you some time and money.
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Thanks. I think I'm going with rehanging the drywall - is this something that is fairly easy (like I can read a book and follow some instructions) or should I try and find someone who has done it before?
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do a google on "how to hang drywall".I would try it myself. It's not that tough. The finishing can be tricky but as long as you put the paper tape or fibergass tape [preferred and pretty easy] on properly even if you screw up you can sand it and fix it pretty easily. Don't put on a lot of compound in any one coat at worst you will have to put on another coat. Beats sanding.Try not to make a lot of seams and if possible make the seams fall behind the cabinets Use your hand to feel the seams if you can feel a bump you will probably see a bump when you paint it. And then it is too late for the most part

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