structural wall????


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rhonda b
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Question structural wall????

Can someone tell me how to tell if a wall is structural?

I have a towne house. The beams in the attic run front to back.
The wall I want to remove is upstairs and it also runs "front to back".
The house is about 30 ft. long and 22 ft wide. It is a middle unit and the wall in question is about 10 ft. starting at the front of the house. It is not an outside wall. There is a wall downstairs at about the same area and it has a doorway to the kitchen.
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I am sure someone will weigh in but in the meantime take a look here. defining what is structural and what isn't can be tricky if you are not there. Yours doesn't sound like it is but I can't say that.


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First, I am not an expert, engineer, contractor or architect....

Judging by the details in your post, you already know what the answer is... Generally a load bearing wall will be perpendicular to the joists or trusses above. Walls parallel to your roof trusses or beams generally are not load bearing. It is impossible to tell for sure without looking at it so... Have a professional engineer, contractor or architect inspect your building before tearing down the wall.
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What's up in the attic. Is there any blocking in between the joists to nail the top plate of the wall to. Is there a double joist. Is there a basement. any beams there under the wall. I wouldn't worry too much about the walls being under or near eachother. They do that to save money. They make them all the same or mirror images for the most part. It's faster to build em that way. If there is nothing on top of it what is it holding up
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Load bearing wall

The only way to be absolutely sure whether a wall is load bearing or not is to investigate along its entire length. Any time you change the structure of your house, you should consult an engineer or architect. Structural changes to a home usually require a building permit.

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