Fixing Dry Lining


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Fixing Dry Lining

I need to fix some thermally insulated dry lining (i.e. plaster board with expanded polystyrene fixed to it) to a plastered brick wall.

Obviously I could drill holes in dry lining, use raw plugs etc but this will be a pain when it comes to fixing it since the dry lining will then have mounting cement on it (needs mechanical fixing as well as this though)

Just wondered if anyone has used any maisonary nail/ screww products with this sort of material, ideally ones that don't need a hole pre-drilled to avoind problem with aligning the nails/ screws with pre-drilled holes etc.

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plaster board with expanded polystyrene fixed to it
Is this a drywall product? If so who makes it?
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Is there a possibility that you could glue it up with some construction adhesive compatible with polysterene and paint?, plaster?, While it its drying you could support it on whatever is available. If you nail it you will have to find the morter jounts which is practically impossible if the brick has been plastered.

Why do you say it needs mechanical fastening? If I was putting it up I would maybe make sure the plaster was "on" the brick and glue it up and maybe leave the supporting blocks in[at least untiil I was certain it was permanent]. Where is this going? What kind of room?basement, upstairs, downstairs, damp, dry, all walls or one,painted, unpainted,baseboard. Are you a contractor or the homeowner? When you refer to drylining are you talking about the poly AND the sheetrock together or just the lining itself? Why did you choose this procuct to be used under these circumstances. Can the wall be firred out.

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