Drywall Hanging Direction


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Drywall Hanging Direction

Ok, I am currently finishing the basement in my condo. The framing is done, and the drywall is on the ceiling. I am now looking to start the walls. I wondered abut which direction to hang the drywall. (i.e. - vertically, or horizontally) I asked 2 different people, and got a vote for each. The one who told me to hang it horizontally is a contractor by trade, so I tend to give more weight to his suggestions. My problem is that I can do it by myself if I can do it vertically, but horizontally, I would need help. Can anyone give me some opinions one way or the other? Thanks
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Do it horizontal . If you have the sheet cut and ready to go up . set on the floor there where it is to go up. Put two nails in it near the top in line with the studs. Raise it up to the top and you can hold it while you hammer the nails in.
Or cut a 2X4 and notch in it. Have it there to go under the sheet after you have it up there.

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Is there a reason behind doing it horizontally?
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You can hang drywall either horizontal or vertical on walls (ceiling is different), and U.S. Gypsum Company says you can do horizontal or vertical. Some people say to apply the drywall horizontally on 8-foot walls, and vertically on walls higher than 8-feet. The idea is to minimize joints on the wall.

Hanging the panels horizontally allows you to bridge irregularities, improves wall strength, and reduces joint taping by up to 25%. Also, you eliminate long, floor to ceiling joints that may be more visible.

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