Closet full of Mildew


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Red face Closet full of Mildew

One of our master bedroom's closets has mildew that just wont go away. The walls have paneling up. There is an attic opening in this closet as well which is covered with a piece of loose drywall. We have already redone the bedroom walls with greenboard do we need to do the same in the closet? Would putting a cedar line wood help? This end of the house is one big mess! Smaller bedroom on the other side of the closet is doing the same thing.
Thanks for your help.... many rooms being fixed at the same time with small budget.
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If you have a recurring mildew problem (which is really a subset of mold problems), then the conditions that allow mold growth are still present after you've treated the symptoms. Mildew problems can arise when: (1) mold spores are in the area, (2) there is moisture in the area, (3) a food source exists, and (4) certain temperatures prevail. If you can eliminate some of the conditions that allow mildew growth, you can cure the problem. A dark, poorly ventilated, damp, warm, closet full of organic material is about as close as you come to a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth.

My first choice would be to tear out the drywall where you've found the mildew and see how far the problem goes. If it's a small surface problem, I'd think about taking out the drywall, replacing it, and painting it with mildew-resistant paint. But the mildew problem can, and often does, extend beyond the surface of your wallboard. If it works its way to the wall studs, you have some pretty significant remediation work ahead of you. This page has some information on how to prevent mildew. Good luck with the project.
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I am sure it is the same as what our bedroom walls looked like there was mold on the paneling and brown glue holding it to drywall. The damage was just to the paneling but we took down everything and insulated and new greenboard was put up. We also have wood floors under that I am sure our crawl space is all there is. Just dirt. Would white rock under the house help this problem as well. As for things in the closet after the lost of many different types of shoes and normal closet clothes like dresses, pants, sweaters ect. The only thing that made it out was rubbermate full of comic books and comic card. Trying to get this old house under control is taking its toll.

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