Spackle v. Joint Compound v. Caulk


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Question Spackle v. Joint Compound v. Caulk

Could someone please tell me the difference between Spackle v. Joint Compound v. Caulk? Here's what I figure:

Spackle : Brittle but dries fast. Good for small nail holes, dents, or deformities in drywall or plaster. Also good for giving a joint compound patch a final touch.

Joint Compound : Strong but shrinks and takes a long time to dry. Good for larger holes, using any type of patch requiring taped seems, and other larger projects fixing drywall or plaster. Can require 2-3 coats but if you have the time it's the way to go b/c of its strength.

Caulk : Siliconized, paintable acrylic is good for small interior cracks and making moulding look great.

I'm totally confused and have used each of these things in my new 80-year old house, but am pretty sure I've used them wrong! Any help would be great.

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You have the basics correct. What else can I say. the biggest difference is what they are made of. Each type of product has at least 3 sub products within them which have different uses. But you have the basic idea down. Go with your instincts.

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