drywall help


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drywall help

I am helping with repairs in my dad's house and the drywall has become a priority. In the living room, there used to be an A/C unit that was in the wall. That is long gone and all that remains is the hole on the inside. The outside is covered and re-stuckod. I am not sure how to repair the hole.
DO I ? :
buy a sheet of drywall and cut a peice the size of the hole and figure a way to adhere that to the existing drywall?

need to buy something to go between the outer wall and the drywall patch?

need to replace the full sheet of drywall instead of the patching thing?

need to hire a darn handyman to figure it out?

I really need some assistance on this subject and I was really thinking I can have a deadline set soon for how long this may take. I also have a leak stain from a repaired leak that needs to get fixed, but that's a whole different thread. Really need a heads up about drywall first, to see what I am getting into. Thanx to all who offer some advice,
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Drywall help

You can use just a patch piece of drywall to repair the hole. Measure the hole and cut your patch 2" bigger than your measurements. Then after you've done that, turn your patch piece face down and carefully cut away the 2" access, being sure not to cut through the face paper. When your done this, you should have a patch that fits the hole and 2" of just paper all the way around your patch. Put some drywall "mud" around the outside of your hole and also on your 2 inches of paper, of your patch, and install the patch into the hole. Use your putty knife to squeeze out the mud, and let dry. We call this a Newfie patch here in Canada, and it works preety good. It dosent require any drywall tape and it looks professional as well. Good luck on your project.
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That first reply works good. But I would add, cut and fir 3/4" nailers all around the inside of the hole to back the edge of the drywall.

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insulate too
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If the rest of the living room is not insulated, is it really neccesary? You all make this sound so easy. I really got a visual about the extra paper around the patch and putting on the "mud" to adhere it to the existing wall. At least I think that's what you were saying. Thanks a million We'll see what else I can put together.

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