The why of ceiling strapping?


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Chris MH
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Question The why of ceiling strapping?

I'm in the process of insulating and drywalling a detached garage. I've been advised to install strapping before installing the drywall on the ceiling.

The garage joists are 16" on center so I'm not sure why strapping makes sense - I'm under the impression that strapping is only suggested when the joists are over 16" on center - is there some good reason that I'm overlooking?

Many thanks,

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Hi Chris and welcome aboard!

I would just hang the drywall, 1/2" is acceptable on 16" centers. It's done all the time without any adverse results.
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And if you didn't know and it's not already too late, drywall the ceiling first.
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i think strapping is just give you more screw/nailing surfaces - i did basement and garage w/o any strapping
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Don't know the "book" answer, but I use 1x3 strapping:

- to make sure I'm 16" oc,

- to help with the rolled insulation,

- and most importantly, to provide a flat surface for attaching the drywall. It's not uncommon for ceiling joists to 'not' be perfectly in line and level with each other. Strapping and shimming ensures that you'll have a flat surface to hang your (fire retardant) drywall, which of course will provide you with a flat even ceiling.


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