Removing Florescent Lightbox


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Question Removing Florescent Lightbox

I have a very lovely florescent lightbox in the kitchen that HAS TO GO! We are getting ready to install recessed lighting. We have to pull the fixture out but we want to level out the ceiling. The electrician who is installing the lighting told us we need to frame out the box so when the cans are installed we can attach the new drywall to the beams. Is there anyone who can walk me through the process of framing out the box? He said something about 2x4s and hurricane clips...
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Hello & welcome to the forums. Sorry you post hasn't been responded to sooner, things are a bit swamped right now.

Ok assuming here that you've got a drywall ceiling which had a recessed fixture, that's been removed. First thing, determine what the thickness of the existing drywall is, most likely 5/8" rock on a lid, but could also be 1/2", so get up there and measure to be sure. Once you know this, time to go to the lumber yard or home center.

Get a sheet of drywall, same thickness as what's there. A small pail of joint compound (I'd use lite compound myself), roll of joint tape, small pack of 1-1/4" drywall screws, and a couple of 2"x6"s. As for tools, you'll need a screwgun or drill with a dimple attachment, hawk or mudpan, and at least a couple of sizes of drywall knives. I generally use 3 sizes, 4" for taping, 8" for first fill coat, and 14" for finish coat. You can get by with a 8" & 12" tho.

Now to patch in the drywall you'll have to attach some nailers to screw your patch to. Measure the hole and cut the 2"x6"s down to the length or the four sides of the hole. Now take a length of 2"x6" and lay it flat so that the edge of the repair is splitting the 2"x6" nailer. Screw several screws in thru the existing drywall into the nailer down the length of the seam, now repeat this procedure on the remaining three sides of the repair. Now measure and cut your patch piece of drywall. A tip here, don't use the recessed edge of the drywall for the patch unless it's butting up to another recessed edge, this will make the finishing easier. The patch should fit pretty tight, with not more than 1/8" gap between it and the existing ceiling, anything more than that and you'll need to prefill the gap prior to taping. The patch should be screwed in about every 8".

At this point you're ready to tape the patch. You'll find instructions on drywall taping in the How-To section of the site. Here's a link to the index.

Post back if you've still got questions. Good luck.

Supplies in hand,

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