Interior Wall Problem - any ideas??


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Interior Wall Problem - any ideas??


I bought a new apartment 6 months ago. After one month lines started to appear on the main wall which backs onto the bathroom. The lines looked like water tide marks. We got the developers back in, they did a moisture test which was negative and they said that it couldn't be water - they blamed the paint - the painter and paint supplier came to look at the wall, they too were mystified as the paint was used on other walls in the apartment and no problem, the paint is also used in bathrooms without a problem.

The painters agreed to repaint the wall anyway, within 2 weeks the lines were back.

We got the builders in again and they just keep saying that its a paint problem because they cant detect any moisture and therefore any sign of a leak that could be causing these marks. The lines move, peak upwards and appear darker sometimes.

Does anyone have idea about what could be causing these lines - we're sure its a building problem and not a paint problem - we feel the lines are caused by moisture yet the readings for moisture were negative - any ideas?? Someone else mentioned that it could be a drywalling problem called "photographing" or "flashing". I'm not sure what causes this but any editional views or info would be appreciated.

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Joint photography is caused by not putting a primer coat over newly finished drywall prior to putting on the finish paint. This would only occur at seams or butt joints, judging from your post, I don't think this is what's causing your situation. I'd be more inclined to think it's water, but no way of knowing precisely what's causing the problem. Good luck!
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Try this one.

Is it possible that the rock could have gotten wet at some point in its life and different humidity makes the water lines show differently? Just a shot in the dark
Is there a texture on the wall? In what part of the country are you?

Have you seen the readings on the moisture detector yourself?
Is there plumbing inside the wall?
What is the wall on the other side? Rock? Tile? Vinyl? Where is the tub and shower relative to the problem wall?
What room is affected?

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A picture will be helpful....if you can, post to a pic service site and post a link to it ...One initial thought I have is a stain on the sheetrock or mud is bleeding through..stains caused from a water incident will continue to bleed through paint unless a stain blocking primer is used to cover it.

.Did the painter use a primer with stain blocker before recoating the wall?

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