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Possible Contamination From Scraping Ceilings.

Possible Contamination From Scraping Ceilings.


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Exclamation Possible Contamination From Scraping Ceilings.

I live in one side of a large duplex that was built in 1978 and owned by my parents. A few weeks ago the renters in the other side (they have lived there ten years) asked my folks if they could repaint their interior. My folks said yes, and agreed to buy the paint if they did the work. A few days later we noticed that they had hung plastic sheeting over their windows and were making quite a racket. Since the paint had not yet been purchased we figured they were prepping the walls for painting.

Several days later I was told by their daughter that they had scraped off most of the popcorn ceiling in the entire house. This was done without notifying my folks or obtaining permission from them of any kind. The ceilings have now all been repainted by the renter. The renter recently told me that they were told (by whom I do not know) that they should wet the ceilings before removing the popcorn, but that they didn't do this because it didn't make it any easier to remove.

My folks are more then a little concerned about whether or not any contamination has occurred and whether or not they could be held criminally or legally liable for any contamination. What should they do? Should they have the air quality tested? How would they go about this?

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What might be the contaminant?
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Well the renters are morons, but your folks did a BAD THING. After having been burned by my generosity a couple of times, I learned to NEVER ALLOW a tenant to do ANY WORK on any rental units.

I'm pretty sure that by 1978 there was NO ASBESTOS being used in popcorn, at least in California, if that's what they were worried about. Wetting doesn't make it easier to scrape, it just creates way lest dust, if there were anything bad in the dust. Not sure why these pinheads covered the windows, the place you really don't want the dust is in the CARPETS and air returns.

BTW, 26 year old popcorn was probably looking pretty shabby anyway, but I've found that re-shooting the entire ceiling with same is the quick and dirty answer, if you care for the popcorn. Since I hate the stuff I always remove it and just texture with mud.

Now your folks have no idea how the house looks and what's worse when next year's ANNUAL RENT INCREASE comes around the tenants are going to poor-mouth and ask your parents to not increase it because THEY PUT SO MUCH LABOR INTO IT.

Probably not the answer you wanted.


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