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my house was build back in 1960 now the wall are crack back in the summer i has a new roof put on ! and i know for a fact the roof is not leaking because i went up in the atac and check is it rain liast time but why is the wall and ciel crack for and what do i need to do!!!!! :
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Hello & welcome to the forums!

You say you had a new roof put on this year, tell me was it tore off and reshingled or was it overlaid? (new shingles appliesd over the old?) If this was an overlay job, it's possible the additional weight of the new shingled roof has caused your cracks. Could also be due to settleing caused by an unusally wet year, been a few instances of this sort of thing happening in my area, where we've had the wettest yr on record. Strangest summer I can remember in better than 40 years, felt like I had moved to the Pacific northwest .

Anyway, the cracks can be repaired. I would fill the cracks with quick set mud, you'll find it in home centers, lumber yds & the like. Comes in a bag and will have a name like Easy-Sand 90. The number at the end of the name equates to the number of minutes it takes the mix to harden once it's mixed with water. Once you have the cracks filled and smoothed off, I would go ahead and tape the cracks with paper tape & then cover the repairs with 2-3 coats of mud to feather out the repairs. Once this is done, primer the areas with a good primer and then you're ready to repaint. For best results I would repaint the entire wall or ceiling so the repairs will blend in.

HTH and Happy Holidays! :glocke:

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