Texturing OVER a textured ceiling


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Wink Texturing OVER a textured ceiling

Whomever did the drywalling in my house "decorated" around every light fixture, recessed light, ceiling fan, bathroom fan, etc. with a large "rosetta" type circular pattern of some kind. I hate it, but can live with it.

The problem now is this: we are getting a pool table for our family room, and need to hang a pool table light fixture. Naturally, the existing ceiling fan will have to go, which will leave behind that big swirly circle, which will not be aligned in any way with the new light fixture (we'll be putting in a new junction box centered over the table.

Can I simply texture over top of the existing swirly texture with a stiple pattern that will match the rest of the ceiling, or do I have to try to remove some of that first? Any ideas will be greately appreciated!
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I recommend that you not texture over it - odds are against it looking very good. You could remove the paint, then scrape the old texture off.

Other thoughts:

Since there will be a hole in the ceiling when you remove the fan/fixture, and assuming the "rosette" is not very big, you might consider cutting the pattern out entirely, and install a new piece of sheetrock, then tape and texture.

Another approach is to replace the fan/fixure with a recessed light, or some other appropriate fixture that complements the room. Or, if possible, you may consider a "sun light" fixture - where a small, clear dome is installed on the roof, and a flexible, reflective shaft is run to a "light" fixture, allowing a natural light source.
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Hello Williams and welcome to the diy forums!

Is this ceiling drywall with a texture over it or is it actually a plaster ceiling? From the description in your post it sounded like it might be the latter, which would be a bit more difficult to achieve an acceptable finish result. Can you give us a bit more detail or else post a link to picture here in this thread, that might help us determine more exactly what your situation is. There are instructions as to how to post up a pic link in the announcement at the top of this forum.

rdn2113, good suggestions, got a pretty creative knack there.

Happy Holidays to all! :glocke:
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Thanks for the ideas!

Still contemplating the fate of my ceiling -- the "rosette" is about 7' in diamter, so cutting out all of that dryall is more than I want to take on. The idea of a recessed light or even a "sun" light isn't bad, except that it will actually be above but about 1' to the side of the new light, and like I mentioned will be in no way shape or form aligned with anything else, and not far enough away from the new light to unnoticeable -- it, and it's drywall treatment, really needs to go.

It's definately drywall -- the house was built only four years ago.

I may try to sand it down as best as possible with course sandpaper or even drywall compound sanding screeds (I'm not sure whether it has been painted or not), and try to re-stimple it.

Thanks again for the ideas!
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Link to photo of the ceiling...


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