drop ceiling around windows


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drop ceiling around windows

What is the best way of finishing the ceiling around basement windows that are cut out in the block( below ground level with window wells)
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I'm not sure from your note the exact nature of the problem - so I'm going to make a few assumptions in my response.

Since the title of your post is "drop ceiling around windows", I am assuming that you are considering a suspended ceiling, and doing so will lower the height of the ceiling below the top of the windows. I'm also assuming that you either cannot or prefer not to use an overall short suspension distance for the ceiling grid to avoid obscuring the windows.

One method you may consider is constructing a light shaft around each window - this is similar to the technique used with skylights in situations where the light shaft must pass through a standard ceiling. I have seen this approach used in several situations with very good results. You will have to calculate the setback and the angles needed to build a shaft that will accommodate the size and shape of your windows.

Not sure if this helps.

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