Srewing drywall to studs....


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Srewing drywall to studs....

In my past drywall projects (I'm no pro, but have done a bunch of DIY projects), I've pretty much randomly screwed into the studs. Is there a standard for spacing screws? How many screws for each sheet (assuming 4x8 w/ 16" centers)? Does code get into this?

Also, would the method be differ depending on whether it is walls or ceilings?

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Hi Bob,

For ceilings we run 5 screws per joist, period no variation, butt joints get screwed off every 6".

Walls depend upon whether or not glue is used, if you use glue, you can get by with just one screw in each recess and one screw at the center of the sheet. Without glue you need to put at least 2 screws evenly spaced in the field per stud. Butt joints should be screwed off every 6"-8"

We use glue on all wood framing, and for us to guarntee the work, we do not set out butt joint on studs. Instead we let out sheets land between the studs and use a backer board. We use lots of glue, the more the better! Only place we don't use glue is on exterior walls where a poly moisture barrier has been laid over the studs or on steel framing. Another tip when screwing off to steel studs always start at the bottom of the sheet & work you way up, this will prevent the stud from twisting, generally only a problem with light guage framing.

HTH & Happy New Year! :glocke:
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well i do 6 screws per stud on the 48 in side
1 about 2 in from bottom end and the 2 about 16 from edge space about 1 1/2 in then 2 more at 32 in from edge and same 1 1/2 from the other

|. .. .. . | more strength in drywall this way.


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Not to knock you, looked at your website and the one house project I saw looks real nice on the outside that I could see. Very impressive website btw, is it professionally done?

Anyway, what do you mean by,
more strength in drywall this way.
? Do you do your own hanging & finishing?

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