How to do Knock Down on your own?


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How to do Knock Down on your own?

What is the best way to do knock down on walls on your own. ?

Is it very expensive?

We are buying an apartment where the walls would need to be plastered and then knock down and then primed before painting.

Please advise.
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You can achieve knock down texture with a variety of brushes, everything from a utility brush up to a push broom. You will need a pan large enough to accommodate the size brush you use. You load the brush and bump it around in a random patter on the wall or ceiling (thin slightly if needed). Then knock mud down with hand trowel. Manual application of mud produces a nice stucco finish. This will give you a Spanish or Mediterranean stucco look.
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Another option is to by Knock Down in a can sold at Home Depot in the paint section. I recently did a 7' x 4' bathroom using roughly 3 cans. Comes in an aeresol can like spray paint. I would just recommend that you prep very well because once you start spraying it gets everywhere. Let it set up a little then use a drywall knife or trough to push it down. Worked very well for me and I was real pleased with the outcome.
I think it costed somewhere around $10.00 a can. Not very expensive for the achieved look.

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Rent a spray rig. Mix up some mud pretty thin. Practice a little bit, then go for it. Spray cans will take forever. A spray rig is the only way to get knockdown right.
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Any of the methods posted will work, however if you're doing an entire apartment bldg, I would suggest that you check with a local tool rental yard about renting a compressor and hopper gun to apply the texture. They usually run about $40-$60 per day for rental units. Use light joint compound, it is partially premixed and comes either in 4.5 gal bucket or in a box about a ft sq, it will need to be thinned down with water to about the consistency of a thick batter. This is done with a high speed drill & a large mixer paddle.

Another option, which might be cheaper than you think, is calling in a pro to do the texture for you. We recently did a fairly large two story house which was being converted into a duplex, total price including materials for the knock-down work was about $400, which the owner did think was a bit steep at first, considering it was done in less than a day, but they were extremely pleased with the results & the short turn around time. House was ready for primer & paint the next day. Try that with a broom, brush, or spray can!

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