How do I drywall cement walls


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How do I drywall cement walls

I am getting reading to drywall my basement and I'm not sure how preceed. The basement has cement walls and I'm not sure how to do this. I was told the best way was to drill holes in the cement and then use cement nails to hold the 2 by 4 studs against the cement wall. I've tried doing thsi, but it's almost imposible to drill into the cement, even with cement drill bits.

Is there a better way to do this?

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The very best way to do it is to build stud walls an inch or two out from the concrete. This allows for insulation and a moisture barrier to be installed in the wall and also lets you put electrical plugs, etc.

Now if you don't want to approach the project in this manner, I would suggest buying or renting a Hilti or similiar type fastening tool. This type of tool uses a special blank .22 caliber charge to fire a fastener (called a pin) into concrete or steel. There are several brands and makes of this type of tool available, you can purchase a hand fired style of this tools which is fired by striking the firing pin with a hammer, for under $40, other styles use a CO2 cartridge to fire and you simply pull a trigger to fire it, this type will run you around $100 or so and are also available for rent at tool rental yards.

Hope that helps, post back if you have more questions on you basement project.
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Tried the mechanism with the 22 cal.


I tried the tool with the 22 cal. shot and it doesn't work very well going through a 2 by 4. Is there any tool for drilling in concrete?
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You can drill concrete easy with a 1/2" hammer drill. They require special drill bits so rent those with the drill itself.
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I've used my hilti on 2"x4" many times w/o problems, now the old hand type remington I used to have had that problem with.

The 1/2" drill will help & make the job quicker, but a good titanium masonry bit will eat thru concrete just fine with a smaller drill as well. But really, the 1/2" drill is a better tool and you can get a home owner's model for under $100, money well spent & you can never have too many tools Good bits ain't cheap either, but you gets what you pay for!
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Take a look here and see if it inspires you to do it the easy way. You can use 1 5/8 studs if you want to save space. Screw in the top track and glue down the bottom one. If you want to insulate with batts use 3 1/2 inch studs.

scroll down to metal wall framing. If the movie won't play you need to install the movie player when asked to.
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Just build the stud wall and put it up. You dont want to fasten any wood to a basement wall are drill into it.


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