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Using laser level to mark for suspended ceiling

Using laser level to mark for suspended ceiling


Old 01-06-05, 07:29 AM
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Using laser level to mark for suspended ceiling

Since most economical laser tripods for homeowners ($30-$50) only extend to a height of about 60" max., does anyone have a trick to set level for accurate marking of walls for a suspended ceiling?
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Old 01-06-05, 07:38 AM
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The simplest way is to measure at 60" all the way around. Then use or square or plumb line and measure UP from the 60" line to the height that you want.

Or you could pick a point on one wall and use a string with a small, light weight level tied to it to find the other points.

Or you could get a piece of clear, poly tubing, put a little food coloring in water and make your own.

Cheapest is number 2. Also will leave you with tools that you would be more likely to have further uses for.

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I like the water level method. Much more accurate than the homeowner type lasers I would imagine. Make a level line around the room,or just every 8 or 10 feet. then use a cheap yard stick or lath put the top of it at the height you want the ceiling to be[the bottom of the track] and mark the other end with a pen. Extend all the marks. put up the track along the perimeter. When it comes to bending the wire for the hangers clamp the string on one side in the middle of the wall and walk the string around the room bending each wire wire with linemans plyers as you hit it. They sell little clamps for this purpose that have rubber feet so they will not slip when pulled tight,worth the money.

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