Crown Molding Novice


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Crown Molding Novice

I need help installing Crown Molding don't have a clue how to
Must cover @ 116ft of Walls that are 9ft high
Ceiling has a stippletx finish also have 7 out side and 8 inside corners
What is the easiest way to tackle this project for a novice
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For starters, I'd like to welcome you aboard the forums. Next you need to understand, the mods and member who post answers here, do so freely in an effort to help folks like yourself. Freely being the key word in that last sentence, we don't receive any compensation other than that warm fuzzy feeling inside from helping someone achieve a task that they wish to do for themselves. What we don't have is operators standing by to immediately answer you query. Most of the mods here are tradespeople and business owners with busy schedules and families, we do this as a service, as our time permits.

For a novice I would suggest that you go to one of the big box stores and use their ready made corners. They''ve got them in a few different materials and profiles and have the matching crown also. I would go with the MDF material over the pine as they tend to split easily IME. Using the premade corners will eliminate most of the precise cutting that required to do it the old fashioned way. Look for this stuff in the moulding aisles of the local home center.

Other thing is to either buy or rent a finish nailer or stapler. It'll make the job ten times easier. HTH and post back if you need still more direction.

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Crown Molding Novice

Thanx awsomedell
I'm aware of the free given help and I'm certain it is apreciated by all subscribers especialy me
I guess I was expecting a quicker response considering the size of the subsciption membership thinking or hoping that somebody may have been in a similar situation and found some easy novel way to resolve it
Thanx again for your response and maby I can be of help some day
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look around here.movies at the bottom may help.


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First you must have patience

Trim is a pain and it seems like every corner is a different degree cut. You need to be able to measure every corner for the angle of cut nothing is a given every corner is a new challenge remember this. You must remember if you have a piece of wood and it is 2 feet long and you cut it in half neither piece will be 1 foot long nor will the 2 pieces now be 2 feet long together the reason is the blade removes a piece of wood equal to the thickness of the blade. This can cause a novice a headache if they don't take this into account. You will want to buy an extra piece to practice with get a cheap piece to play with try different angles. Here's a way to practice get a piece of craft paper white make a dot that represents the corner now measure out 4 inches then place a dot there now measure an angle that is 90degrees to first outside dot and make another dot. Draw a line connecting outside dots to corner dot. Now if you cut your trim right it will meet at corner and be at the dot exactly if your short then you didn't account for thickness of blade. Never go past the inside of the line on the piece you are to be installing. I try not to see cuts as fractions of an inch but as milli meters I want the cuts to be exact so they fit together right. If your painting the trim you can get away with more but when I was working with exotic woods there was no room for error. Now try to do other degree angles 50, 105 ,65 til you feel comfortable and can make cuts to fit perfectly and be the right lengths also. I was taught there are only 2 rules to trim really. Cut the correct angle, and cut the correct lengths. You must get a tool to measure angle degrees though or you will make your job a living hell. There's good money for people that know how to do trim it's not hard when you do it the right way. When you cut for outside corners remember to add the thickness of the trim to the length of the trim unless it doesn't meet another piece of trim. When you butt two pieces of trim do so at an angle it looks better than just butting to ends together flush just remember that when you cut the pieces at that angle you shortened it also by the thickness of the blade you used to make the cut. And try to create joints over studs you can fasten them too. With a little practice you'll be installing trim like a pro in no time.

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