Soundproofing an existing 2x4 wall


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Soundproofing an existing 2x4 wall


In my remodel, I've ended up with a new bedroom that shares a wall with a garage that has a fairly noisy automatic garage door. I'd like to soundproof the adjacent wall as much as possible so that opening the garage doesn't disturb anyone sleeping in that room more than necessary...

The wall is currently a standard 2x4 stud wall. The sheetrock is off and I'm building new walls elsewhere so I'm not adverse to doing fairly substantial modifications to the wall if necessary. My question is, what's the most effective way of soundproofing this wall?

Techniques I've come across include:

- Mounting sound channels horizontally on the existing wall, and hanging new 5/8" sheetrock off that. (Incidentally, do the channels attach directly to the studs? Or do I put up another layer of sheetrock first?)

- Building a second 2x4 wall inside the first, with a 1/2" air gap between them.

- Replacing the existing wall with a new 2x6 wall, but using staggered 2x4 studs at 12" spacing, so that there's no direct connection between the two sides of the wall.

The walls will be filled with pink fiberglass insulation as well (unless someone has a better idea).

I've also come across various kinds of materials such as "mass loaded vinyl" but I'm a little unclear about where this would be inserted in the various poissible schemes.

Any recommendations out there?

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Well you've done some homework which is good to see. The hat channel is a pretty good idea, they use that alot in new multi-family construction and in most cases 2 layers of 5/8" firerock is installed to meet local fire code.

Owens-Corning markets a product called Quiet-Zone, comes in standard batt sizes, but I see this being specified in high end custom homes in the party wall with the garage and around bathrooms & utility rooms as well. There are other companies making this stuff as well, just can't pick another name off the top of my head this morning.

Using glue on the studs when you hang the drywall will also help and they also market a foam strip product which is installed with a stapler over the studs under the drywall.

Simply insulating the wall well and using a double layer of 5/8" rock will really help sound proof the wall. If you have the sprayed foam insulation installed it has better sound deadening properties than batts and also completely seals the stud cavity. You see this type of system installed in alot of higher end homes in my area anyway.

HTH, post back if you have further questions and let us know how the project turns out.

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