Stress Crack in Wall


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Stress Crack in Wall

We just bought our house about 7 months ago. The house is 11 years old and located in Las Vegas, NV (desert weather.)

Recently, it rained and there was a fairly large windstorm. It probably took me a bit to notice, so I'm not /absolutely certain/ that it was the rain and windstorm that caused it, but I have what was described by a friend of mine as a 'stress crack' in my wall.

The crack runs in a straight line (presumably the joint between pieces of drywall?) from the upper-right corner of my sliding-glass patio door to the closest wall. It's approximately three feet long, and when I look closely at it, it seems as if it's been covered up before (the texture around the crack does not match the texture of the rest of the wall.)

My question is this: Does anyone know how I could FIX (and not just 'cover up') this problem? Or should I basically just seal the crack and see if it shows up again? Please let me know.

Thanks! =)
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Fellware - I had the same problem recently. Most people will say to fix the crack with compound. After drying, you will need to sand it, prime, and paint.
Others will say to use caulk; make sure to use the paintable kind.

I think compound is the more "traditional" way to do the repair. Those that say caulk say so because it is more flexible. Compound has no give, and would probably just crack again under the same circumstances, whereas caulk might be able to absorb the stress.

I chose to use caulk, but haven't gotten around to painting over it yet. One thing I will say about the caulk is it is very difficult to get into hairline cracks. Good luck.
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I was thinking about Caulk for that very same reason. The 'trick' someone told me to getting caulk inside the hairline cracks is to use a toothbrush to basically 'push' it in.

Maybe I'll try it. Thanks for your response =)

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