How to drill into a concrete ceiling?


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How to drill into a concrete ceiling?

Can anyone help? I want to drill into a concrete ceiling in a rental unit. Here are my questions:
1. what type of drill/drill bit do I use?
2. how much do the drill bits cost?
3. do I need special "concrete screws"?
4. are the holes easily repairable when I move out?
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1. Use a masonry/concrete bit. Your local home center will have a few different choices for each size. With concrete or a newer fired brick don't get the cheaper choice. A hammer drill would be nice but not absolutley necessary unless the concrete is extremely hard. The larger the hole the greater the necessity for the hammer drill. Many home centers have a rental department that you could get one from. Cost depends on size.

2. You will need special screws or anchoring system for concrete unless falling is not bad. This will all depend on what you hanging. Is it heavy, does it move, etc.

3. Depends on the definition of repairable and sixe thereof. Will a squirt of concrete patching compound from a caulk type tube do for a 1/4" hole or do you need a perfect match, texture & color, for a larger hole?

Don't you just love asking a few simple questions and getting many more fired back?

Hope this helps if even a little,

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How to drill into a concrete ceiling?

Yes, you did help quite a bit!
I would like to hang bamboo roll-up shades in front of my windows (the windows are wall to wall so ceiling is the only option). I also want to hang a chandelier or lantern above the kitchen table - don't have one chosen yet so don't know how heavy it is. I now know to take that into consideration when I go to my local home center to find a drill bit.

Thank you for your help!
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It will most likely be easier to fasten a 1*4 or 5 board onto the ceiing to fasten the drape hardware on...sometimes fastening to concrete doesn't happen as smoothly as needed as drill bits tend to walk or run and areas around holes sometimes'll have greater tolerances with fastening to concrete if you hang the board and then predrill and screw the hardware to the wood. I think you'll end up with less holes to patch too.

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Another thing to be considered is that the ceiling,(floor of the unit above), may be a honeycombed precast panel.
So be prepared for a variety of fasteners.

Buildings of this type of construction use pipe to connect electrical outlet boxes. Which offer added support. However, the screws to attach the fixture are still 2, 8-32s.
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sassyslider- i know it's 4 years later, but did you actually try this and if so, did it work?
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Likely they are gone. It is better to start your own thread.
What are you trying to do?
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drill into rental concrete patio ceiling to hang hooks for planters

help! what kind of drill, what kind of bit, what to screw in (screw w eye?)
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